We’ve been providing free Instagram tools for over 3 years

We have been established since 2019 to build free features to increase Instagram followers. At that time, only 2 features were available, namely auto followers and auto likes.

But over time, we finally started to develop other features such as auto views, auto comments, and now the trend is auto reels.


Effective solutions

services we offer

All the services below are 100% free, you don’t have to pay for them.

Auto Followers

You can increase your free Instagram followers with this feature very easily.

Auto Likes

The auto likes feature is very useful if you want to increase your Instagram account engagement.

Auto Comment

The auto comment feature is very useful for improving engagement on your Instagram.

Auto Views

This feature is useful for increasing viewers on your posts and stories.

Auto Save

This feature is useful for increasing more audience to save your post.

Auto Reels

This feature is useful for making you FYP with much of the audience was watched your reels.

Instafolls is a free Instagram followers site and also free likes enhancer.

You just need to login using your fake Instagram account.